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Original Cinco Medium Christmas Tree Stand

Original Cinco Medium Christmas Tree Stand

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The Cinco classic is the middle size of the Cinco stand range, however is our preferred option as it is sturdy, secure and handles the most popular tree sizes sold in Australia. 

Key Points:

  • Able to accommodate trees ranging from 5 feet to 9 feet.
  • A good option to allow for larger trees in future.
  • More stability for taller trees.
  • Large water reservoir.

Our Trees

Our radiata pine trees were planted in 2019 in drought and for the last four years have experienced the wettest conditions known in Sydney. During this time our tree's are hand pruned, shaped and cared for to produce a great looking christmas tree.

Delivery and Pick Up

Our Fresh Christmas Tree Pickup Options 2024


Pickup Locations:

Western Sydney

Rockpine Christmas Tree Farm - Farm Gate Pickup

TBA 2024

Eastern Suburbs

TBA 2024

Sydney Delivery

Unfortunately we no longer offer delivery services. 



Our Tree's are sized in ranges at the size or just above the indicated height.

Care Instructions

Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree can last up to 3-4 Weeks if cared for properly.

Ensure the following steps are taken to prevent the tree from drying out:

  • Positioning the tree away from direct sunlight, heat sources, or winds.
  • Ensure Tree Stand Reservoir is kept full and top up. Check Daily.
  • Place tree promptly into water as your fresh cut base can re-seal.
  • Use cinco tree stand with reservoir.

Not following these steps will contribute to the tree drying out prematurely, rockpine goes to great effort to ensure the trees are delivered asap after cutting.

When Picking Up your Fresh Tree: 

Some Pickup Tips to Keeping your tree fresh:

Depending on what size tree you purchased you may require a ute or station wagon, roof-racks. So remember to bring some straps to secure your tree. 




Rockpine cannot replace or refund trees that have dried out prematurely.

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